Customers who eat blueberries

We know we won’t be successful for long unless we satisfy each customer passing by our Blueberries in the local grocery store, who sees their firm blue freshness, and, when home, tastes their luscious, tangy sweetness.  That’s why we place so much effort on what plants we grow, how we grow them and the care we take to make sure their quality of freshness remains to the last bite. 

Florida Blueberry season may only appear two months each spring, but making every fresh berry a good berry takes understanding care all year long.



Neighbors and Community

Frogmore Fresh is a 150 acre Blueberry Farm, part of the 800 acre Frogmore Ranch on rolling hills 35 miles north of Tampa, Florida. We think of ourselves as part of the rural farming community near Dade City. Although we are a New Blueberry Farm, we’re interested in staying engaged locally and improving the well-being of our community.  One of our first outreach projects is our new partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay.  We’re helping provide them an opportunity for their volunteers to come to the farm during harvest to raise funds to fight hunger and enjoy a truly local farm experience.  Click here to learn more about Feeding Tampa Bay and Feeding America Food Banks. 


Industry and Institutions

Frogmore Fresh believes we should partner with the Blueberry Grower industry and we should participate with, and support, our fellow Blueberry growers. The Florida Blueberry Growers Association is a small industry and, unlike many today, is an open and collegial group of business-farmers. Most of us welcome visits from other growers and share how to solve problems and grow better Blueberries. 

Likewise we are committed to partnering with the University of Florida, particularly the Horticultural Sciences Department through its breeding, research and extension programs. We are an official experimental Blueberry variety trial site and provide internship opportunities for students pursuing careers in Agriculture and Horticulture.  We also serve on the advisory board of the Pasco County Extension Office.

The  Sigetys … the  Family  in Family Farm

The Sigetys… the Family in Family Farm

Great Team Members

The Sigety Family has brought together the talent and experience to make Frogmore Fresh a very special New American Family Farm. 

With a lifetime of success in real estate and manufacturing, and a love of the land, in 2013 the Sigety Family embarked on a quest to create a New American Farm—one that performs to high standards and makes innovation a centerpiece of its operation.  All with one goal in mind:  “to make it easy for you to wake up in the morning, take the carton out of the refrigerator and enjoy the freshest taste experience, just as if it’s picked crisp off the bush in the field.”

To build a New American Farm that works, we brought together a group of dedicated people to help our family reach our goal. They’re trusted friends, highly educated blueberry growers, families we have worked with for 15+ years. With a blend of talent and experience our team is bringing new ideas to focus on your Blueberry.

Below are images of our leadership team around the farm.

Jim with Birge Sigety at the new well head.

Jim with Birge Sigety at the new well head.

Leonard with Birge Sigety with the newest tractor on the farm.

Leonard with Birge Sigety with the newest tractor on the farm.

Micah preparing to move a bee hive taking up residence in the field.

Micah preparing to move a bee hive taking up residence in the field.